Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce in the Warehouse


Sitka Spruce trees are valued for their wood, which is light, soft and relatively strong and flexible. Sitka Spruce is native to the west coast of North America, from Northern California to Alaska. Color and appearance and range from a creamy white to a darker, medium broand and tends to exhibit a subtle pinkish hue in some instances.


Sitka Spruce has an outstanding stiffness to weight ratio, and is available in large, straight-grained pieces, lending this timber to a wide range off commercial uses. Common uses include aircraft components, musical instrument soundboards, boat building (mast and spars), wind turbine blades and virtually any application where a wood material with a good strength to weight ratio is needed.

Why we sell it.

McCormick Lumber has been selling Sitka Spruce for over forty years. We started selling it when enthusiasts of the popular winter sport of ice boating encouraged us to stock Sitka Spruce to use in building their boats. Once stocking the Sitka Spruce, we began selling it to aircraft builders as well. In fact, the Sitka Spruce used in the reproduction of the Spirit of St. Louis came from McCormick Lumber. Our Sitka Spruce does meet aircraft specificiations; however it is not stamped "Aircraft".


Our average shipping time of in stock items is one week, and along with Sitka Spruce, we also carry the West System epoxy. Aircraft and Ice boat enthusiasts find this system to be very user friendly.